It's all Business

This is the website of Wessel van der Merwe combining various endeavours into one website. Look at these services and products and when/if you have any need of it, please contact me.

  • MINISTRY     MINISTRY - Evangelistic and Prophetic Services upon invitation.
  • KARATE -   KARATE - Kaizen Karate in Pretoria East / Silver Lakes 
  • WEBSITES -   WEBSITES - Webhosting and Programming for small businesses.  
  • BOOKS -   BOOKS - Repairing books as well as Creative writing and Writing reviews  
  • ART -   ART - Mainly Oil Paintings

My worldview is Christian - I believe in JESUS CHRIST - He gives meaning to my life. I do these things because God has given it into my hands.

This website is a replacement for two websites www.kaizenkarate and and also the different endeavours like my minsitry, website coding as well as my book repair/ writing business. I thrive on doing many different things (multi skilled). Obviously you don't necessarily become a master in all your skills; but mastery is definitely the aim. I do think more attention is given to one skill than another out of necessity because of finances (it is business), I give attention to what I have within me and what people need and therefore there are major improvements! I am thankful. You are more than welcome to engage with me to discuss my thoughts and belief on a skill or a service required. I also give some advice to the calling/purpose for a person and how to develop it and you are welcome to engage since I have very thoroughly developed my thoughts around this and have some valuable insights.
Buy a painting, a book, a website, join my karate club or invite me for a series lectures/preaching and we can certainly become good friends...
You are welcome!

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