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I ask myself this - What do you want? You want to showcase your art, you want to improve your art in technique and beauty, you want to develop some concept or narrative in the final product and lastly you want to make money - ART IS WORK!
Art is a great challenge and difficult to master. MASTERY IS THE AIM. To improve if you can, and then if you live long enough, you even then have a slim chance to overtake old masters. Mastery is the high calling.
If you could communicate something universal or of importance in a new and fresh manner and it qualifies in its relevance and beauty, it is honest and true and fresh, then go for it! In fact, that is the ideal. If not attainable -LET BEAUTY STAND alone and improve your skills. Beauty never needed any qualification. Why else would the very same persons who kick against just beauty alone have no problem with painting or drawing nudes in a precise beauty/fashion??? Where is the reason/rationale? The art school concept of nudes was that if you could draw/paint/sculpt a nude all else is possible - the nude being the HIGHEST standard of all possibilities; of line, form, volume, colour, beauty, possibilities of composition etc. But then the question why beauty here while all the rest of the art is grotesque/ugly even in a distorted message? That simply does not make sense.
Just create - you need no defence or qualification. If you are honest and if over time your art improves, and it is obvious that you enjoy the process, then see:- the result will take care of itself. ENJOY YOUR ART! And then be productive! STUDY MASTERY. Become a master.
I also like to draw from reality or even imagination and dreams. The process is at first to draw or paint in a very chaotic and quick way and then from this "chaos" I slowly move into order and even going to a point of enforcing very orderly patterns and forms or leave some small area more "real" - within those forms some grading of colour if necessary, texture etc. I enjoy the creative process moving from a spontaneous and playful chaos to one of order, purpose and meaning. One must enjoy the process of your art so that it is good in your eyes...and hopefully it will be good in the eyes of somebody else as well.
It is good to try more realistic work/ art especially in drawing skills – from life, books, pc, imagination and memory. Drawings not quickly discarded can have a pleasing result at the end. Without experimenting and drawing a lot, your work might remain mediocre at best.
To be truthful in all of this, I find art extremely difficult. Art is a discovery and a quest - it is not easy. Art is a never-ending journey not a destination – enjoy the ride!

"ART MATTERS - because your imagination can change the World"

Neil Gaiman A Headline Book

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